Technology Services

Custom App Development

Need an app or eCommerce site, website or a Business Ap LTMtech can help. From .Net to PHP we have the expertise to make it a reality.


From complex virtual environments to single server builds we have the experience to handle it all. 

Application Integration

LTMtech can help take all your different business systems communicate with each other so you will have better information to make decisions with.

Business Process Engineering

LTMtech can re-engineer disjointed business processes to reduce waste and help drive profitability. 

Big Data Analytics

Information is key to good business decisions. LTMtech can cut through the noise and help you get the right information to make the right decisions.


LTMtech has the expertise in the major Commercial systems. From E-Mail to Enterprise Content Management we can help ensure smooth operations.

CTO & CIO Services

IT Strategy

With so many technology choices LTMtech can help make sure you are doing the right things in the right way.

Program Management

LTMtech can make your next big idea a success. We can help ensure your projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Technology Procurement

From RFP development to complex license negotiations LTMtech can help you buy the right technologies for the right price. 

Commerce Suite


It's how business gets done. With over 50 trading partners and transactions from Invoicing to Advance Ship Notice we are your EDI one stop shop. Integrated with the rest of the Commerce Suite and you have a business platform that is second to none.

Orders & Inventory

Inventory management that connects you to what you have on hand. Integrated with the Sales Order and Picking systems you have a powerful platform to ensure profitability.

Analytics and Reports

Get the right information in the right time to make the best business decisions. Integrated reports and the ability to connect with a variety of 3rd party tools you will have the capabilities drive the bottom line.

Accounting & Financials

Accounting software for the way you work. With customized chart of accounts and configurable functionality don't get stuck trying to fit in the wrong shoe.

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