Less Talk More Tech

 Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Delivering solutions is our expertise.

  After over 20 years in the IT field serving a wide variety of private and public clients we noticed that IT went from Information Technology to I Talk (about technology). Being lost is the focus on bringing technology to solve business challenges in the best way possible. That's why we started LTM Tech. 
At LTM Tech we have a singular focus on delivering solutions that solve business challenges without all that extra talk. We believe that the simplest solution is often the best. We believe in taking the time to understand our clients' needs to deliver concise powerful technology solutions. We believe technology is used to help drive profitability. Most importantly we believe our clients need to be able to focus on their business. 
So if you want less talk and more tech us help you. 

About Us

Geeta Chandra, MBA


Geeta is a business leader with a focus on developing and driving successful service offerings. She believes that being effective, efficient, and flexible is key to meeting and exceeding our clients’ objectives. She was responsible for overseeing the strategic vision and marketing of business solutions.

Geeta received an MBA in Marketing and a BA in economics from Rutgers University: School of Business.  

Joseph J Yeghen, MBA

Director of Business Services

Joe has always been passionate about technology. Colleagues joke he was “Born in a Radio Shack”. From a young age he started typing on his father’s lap, a software development pioneer, and then progressed to the family’s IT business where he started building PCs and networking them together. 

Joe has managed the delivery of critical enterprise solutions across government and private sectors delivering complex applications to thousands of end-users. He is an expert in all phases of complex project lifecycles, from concept to post implementation support.

Our Team

In today's technology landscape no one person can go it alone. Teamwork is the foundation of how we do technology. The LTMtech team consists of expert highly motivated individuals who LOVE technology and understand the importance of working together to achieve excellence.

Our Process

One size doesn't fit all. Ever notice how IT firms have become about identifying products and then formulating solutions around those products? At LTMtech we take the time to listen to your needs. After understanding what your needs are we then recommend solutions to best meet your goals.

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